PCB+A Prices:
Econo: $6.00/unit ($6.00 per sq. inch.)
Standard: $8.00/unit ($8.00 per sq. inch.)
Expedite: $20.00/unit ($20.00 per sq. inch.)

PCB:NG offers the turnkey PCB manufacturing service in 3 flavors:


It is the most cost-effective assembly service anywhere. Geared towards simpler designs, PCB:NG’s Econo puts professional PCBA in your grasp for as low as $3/board - assembly and PCB included. Learn more about the PCB:NG's Econo service.


Get the assembled electronics at the price and turn-time that you need with PCB:NG’s Standard service. 2- and 4-layer, no component limits, all for the same flat-rate PCBA price (assembly and PCB), and in about 12 calendar days. Prices as low as $6/board, PCB:NG Standard is the industry value leader. Learn more about the PCB:NG's Standard service.


PCB:NG Expedite is for when you need our great quality, and you need it now. All the value of PCB:NG Standard, but guaranteed to ship within 5 business days. With prices as low as $20/board, PCB:NG is the best value in guaranteed services in the industry. Learn more about the PCB:NG's Expedite service.

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